"Vive as if it wereIf you are going to die tomorrow, learn as if you were going to live to die. always".

Mahatma Gandhi

Our ideology, based on the promotion and defence of Human Rights, is maintained in the spirit of the training activities developed with the aim of increasing the knowledge and commitment of citizens through seminars, courses, conferences and talks to professionals and students from different areas of knowledge. Among our main training activities are:

Master in justice with Manuela Carmena
Programme to answer listeners' questions about the world of justice on Radio 5

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Formación Derechos Humanos y ODS

Training Human Rights and SDGs

Fundación por la Justicia will carry out, starting next September, the new free online training course on Human Rights and SDGs aimed at volunteers in the Valencian Community. The aim of this course is to train citizens in human rights and...

Corrupción Zero

Zero Corruption

Leader Ana María Fuertes Description This project, carried out jointly with the Baltasar Garzón International Foundation and with funding from the Department of Transparency, Social Responsibility, Participation and Cooperation of the Generalitat Valenciana. The...

Inserción laboral personas reclusas

Job insertion of prisoners

Leader Javier Vilalta Objectives The objective of this project is to promote training aimed at job placement. At Fundación por la Justicia we consider that professional training has to be linked to the personnel demands of the sector...


Foundation for Justice of the Valencian Community has prepared a “Resource Guide for Refugees” whose presentation will be on January 16, at 7:00 p.m. at the Rector Peset Residence Hall. The structure of the “Refugee Resource Guide” is...



Leader Juan Alegre Definition of the project This solidarity organic farming project consists of two linked phases whose purpose is to enhance professional qualifications and facilitate the employability of people in situations of exclusion...