Raising awareness means educating, reflecting and raising awareness.

  • Raising public awareness of human rights and justice is one of our fundamental objectives.
  • We are committed to spreading the message to all citizens that a better world is possible, and that change begins with us.
  • A society founded on respect for the other person is fundamental to achieving peaceful coexistence, equality and justice.
  • Barriers exist not only between countries but also within the same society or community.
  • At Fundación por la Justicia we work so that the feeling of belonging does not become exclusive, but rather generates shared values, on which an inclusive and integrating society, formed by the heterogeneity of its members, can be based.


The Human Rights Awards have been granted on 16 occasions. They recognise the trajectory and dedication of certain individuals or organisations in their defence and promotion of Human Rights and also those who have assumed the defence of Justice as a value, aspiration and commitment.

Humans Fest is our main awareness-raising and education activity for citizens. A benchmark film festival in the city and one of the most prestigious in Spain, which for 12 editions has been consolidated as a showcase for the defence of human rights and awareness-raising in the city.

With these projects we improve knowledge about the three pillars of open government: transparency, accountability and citizen participation. We contribute to generating a space for reflection and debate on experiences and knowledge in this field.


Stable collaboration with Levante on special dates.


Weekly radio programme with Manuela Carmena.


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