Fundación por la Justicia is a non-profit organisation that works for human rights and social justice, in order to achieve a peaceful, fairer and more caring society.

For more than 29 years, it has focused its efforts on raising public awareness of injustices and human rights violations, on contributing to specific education and training in this area and on generating opportunities for the future for particularly vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion. Its geographical scope of action has been both Spain and the most disadvantaged countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP countries).

Our mission is based on solid values of peace, justice, solidarity, equality, respect for cultural diversity, independence, transparency and commitment to society.

We aim to be consistent with our motto "We want peace, we work for justice".

We work on various projects that deal with the main themes of:

- Women and Human Rights
- Children and Human Rights
- Labour insertion and HRDs
- Restorative Justice
- Human Rights Awareness Raising
- Open Government y Fight against corruption
- Prisoners
- Refugees
- Training 

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