"Japanese legend has it that

that your greatest wish

will become a reality

if you build

a thousand paper cranes".

Build your "paper crane".

Sadako Sasaki was only 12 years old when he was diagnosed with Leukaemia as a result of the irradiation that produced the bomb in Hiroshima.

Her friend Chizucho told her this ancient legend that said that, if you want something with a lot of strength and you build 1,000 paper cranesthe gods they will grant you that wish that you long for.

Wanting to be cured of her terrible illness, Sadako began to build the 1,000 cranes. But died before he could finish them.

Their friends continued their mission and completed the thousand cranes, with the hope that wars will be avoided in the future. and peace is achieved among all the countries of the world. 

Since then, the slogan of creating paper cranes in the fight against the
for peace, has added further value to that ancient Legend

The Sadako's beautiful story has inspired the design of the current logo of our Foundation.A particular interpretation of the symbol of the dove of Peace, inspired by this origami crane, whose olive branch symbolises our acronym: FxJ.

At 1994, 29 years ago! a group of professionals in the field of Justice we gathered around a common purpose: the certainty that it is it is politically possible, politically profitable, socially demandable and ethically essential to commit to a different, committed, accessible and accessible justice system.. Today we continue to work for fight any kind of injustice.

José Mª Tomás y Tío, President of the Foundation for Justice

We want peace

Working for Justice



We defend human rights

Latest News

¡Fin de curso en la Escoleta Matinal!

End of the course at the Morning School!

The 2023-2024 school year is ending and for the tenth consecutive year, at Fundación Por la Justicia we have developed the Escoleta Matinal project at the Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados de Nazaret center. During this course, the project has accompanied 41 students and...

Asamblea de la CONGD

CONGD Assembly

The Valencian Coordinator of ONGD – which brings together 110 entities from the entire Community – will celebrate the 7th and 8th of June and the second Ordinary General Assembly, in which it has vindicated the importance of work in the world and the need for forces them...


To this end, we are working towards the PROMOTION AND DEFENCE OF HUMAN RIGHTS in a broad sense, both in Spain as in the most disadvantaged countries of the world. Asia, Africa and Latin AmericaThe objectives of:


  • DENOUNCE injustice and the violation and abuse of human rights.
  • Offer TRAINING AND AWARENESS-RAISING to society in the field of human rights and justice.
  • CREATING OPPORTUNITIES for the most vulnerable groups or at risk of social exclusion.
  • BUILD instruments and means that make a fairer society possible.




The International Film and Human Rights Festival, which will celebrate its 13th edition from 9 to 18 June 2022.


Recognising human rights defenders such as Pepe Mújica and Muhammad Yunus

And others, perhaps less well known

but just as exciting...

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With the commitment to spread the message to all citizens that a better world is possible.



In Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), training for prisoners and other vulnerable groups.


 Such as the Restorative Justice Court in El Salvador and other cooperation projects.


Direct support projects for the most vulnerable people, such as prisoners, migrants and children.

All of them contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially those related to the following SDGs.

If you do click in each of them you will be able to find out about some of the projects we are working on to promote each objective.



That by contributing to the development of Fundación por la Justicia, they fulfil their own commitments to Sustainable Development.

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