Development cooperation

"You think you are coming to save the world but you are coming to save yourself".

Vicente Ferrer

DENOUNCE injustice and the violation and abuse of human rights wherever it occurs, and BUILD instruments and means These are the objectives pursued by our DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION projects.


Voluntariado para construir procesos de paz

Volunteering to build peace processes

In September 2022, Fundación por la Justicia started the "Access to Justice" project, within the "FxJ with Ukraine" Programme, whose main objective is to learn about and compile the prejudices that citizens have as victims of violence, and to...

Justicia Restaurativa en El Salvador

Restorative Justice in El Salvador

International Tribunal for Restorative Justice in El Salvador Leader José Mª Tomás y Tío Description The lack of institutional response to the victims of the armed conflict that was falsely closed with an Amnesty Law, recently declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional...