Foundation for Justice of the Valencian Community has prepared a “Refugee Resource Guide” whose presentation will be on January 16, at 7 p.m. at the Rector Peset Residence Hall.

The structure of the “Refugee Resource Guide” is as follows:

  • Firstly, the group to which the document is directed is defined and delimited, followed by an explanation of the methodology used to produce it.
  • From there, the outline of the asylum process is analyzed, that is, the phases that refugees have to follow once they arrive in Spain.
  • The bulk of the work includes a presentation of all those entities that work with refugees in the province of Valencia, providing them with support in some way, along with their main lines of action and contacts. This information is intended to be of great help to all those people interested in knowing the map of agents and procedures involved in the refugee reception process..
  • Finally, Fundación por la Justicia wanted to point out a series of final reflections derived from the entire process of creating the guide.

At the presentation of the “Resource Guide for Refugees”, in addition to the president and director of the Foundation for Justice, we will have the participation of some of the entities that appear in the Guide, which will make a brief intervention, explaining the services offered by your organization as well as the relevant information that you consider appropriate in relation to this topic.

Fundación por la Justicia has repeatedly expressed its desire to support the defense of the Human Rights of refugees in general, demanding the application and compliance of universal, European and national legislation on the matter, as well as through projects on active policy measures in favor of refugees. This "“Refugee Resource Guide” obeys this commitment, strengthening its commitment to the defense of the Human Rights of refugees and with the hope that it can fulfill a useful informative task.


Event: Presentation “Resource Guide for Refugees”

Day: January 16, 2018

Time: 7pm

Location: Rector Peset Residence Hall

Address: Plaza del Forn de Sant Nicolau, 4 – Valencia