Ana María Fuertes


This project, carried out jointly with the Baltasar Garzón International Foundation and with financing from the Department of Transparency, Social Responsibility, Participation and Cooperation of the Generalitat Valenciana. The objective of Corrupción Zero was to promote the legal support and technological resources necessary to build systems to proactively fight corruption and bad practices in public organizations.

As part of this project, four work tables were held between November 22 and 24, 2017, followed by a final event, to promote debate and reflection on the main axes linked to preventive practices and the fight against corruption:

  • Discussions on the application of anti-corruption software.
  • Contributions to the development of computer surveillance.
  • Role of Civil Society organizations in the processes of detection and prevention of corruption.
  • Importance of a training program in the fight against corruption.

Corruption is an implicit tax on the citizen, a loss, a hidden tax that is not billed or budgeted. From a structural point of view, the effects of corruption on economic development, and even more so on sustainable economic development, are devastating. In reality, it is a very serious crime capable of stopping the economic and social growth of any State. Identifying the sources of corruption and seeking effective methods to combat and prevent it is an essential task to guarantee both the development of any country and the quality of its democracy and social justice. The activities of this project were planned to generate a direct impact on civil society, confident in its ability to promote transparency, prevention and the eradication of corruption.


Detailed information on the programming that was taught can be downloaded in the following brochures:

Programming in Spanish
Programming in Valencia