On June 16, 2022, the 4th Day of Religious Traditions and Peace at the Arrupe Center, a Jesuit space in Valencia, organized by the Jesuit Service to Migrants of Valencia in collaboration the Foundation for Justice and other institutions such as the Generalitat Valenciana or the Valencia City Council. Since its first edition in 2019, this meeting seeks to generate a space for dialogue between different cultures and religions in the city of Valencia.

The initiative aims to contribute to the interreligious and intercultural coexistence and the social cohesion, both locally and internationally, promoting a dialogue between representatives of different religious traditions with respect for the diversity of thought and beliefs, in order to reconsider the root of world conflicts linked to religion.

After the presentation of the day by the main representatives of the entities promoting the organization of the meeting, among whom we find the President of the Foundation for Justice, José María Tomás y Tío, gave way to a variety of presentations and dialogue tables within the theme of promoting social peace and the common good.