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Check out the proposals selected for the first edition of our audiovisual creation laboratory.

Humans Lab will be held in Valencia from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 December. Those selected will be able to enjoy two masterclasses (which will also be open to the general public), two tutored sessions one-to-one about their projects and a group session to prepare for the pitch and, as a final touch, a presentation to different production companies in the Valencian Community. All of this will be given by professionals from the audiovisual field, such as the director Estíbaliz Urresolathe consultancy firm Salima Jirari and the director Fran Ruvira.

"David versus Goliath", by Honorato Ruiz

  • The proposal in one sentenceThe resistance of the small, art against discarding, stories against accounts".
  • To get to know each other betterHonorato began his film career in 2015 and since then he has not stopped embarking on new projects. In addition to a university degree and a master's degree in film editing obtained during his five years of study at the ESCAC, he has made more than five fiction short films, most of which have been screened at festivals. He has also worked in documentaries, music videos and advertising. He is currently working in the post-production department of a series produced by Nanouk Films that will soon be broadcast on RTVE and TV3. He loves directing, writing and editing, the three disciplines in which he has specialised over the years.


Claudia Estrada's "Breaking the cement".

  • The proposal in one sentenceRead more : "In a country where suicide is the leading cause of death, three young people demand quality mental health care".
  • To get to know each other betterClaudia is a Valencian director and screenwriter. Her filmography includes "¿Cómo fue tu vida, abuela?" (2019), winner of the X Festival de Clipmetrajes de Manos Unidas; or "Las flores que arrancas" (2021, Festival de Málaga, Cinema Invisible), winner of the award for best short film category C at Cinema Jove; among other works. He is currently developing his first fiction feature film entitled "Salen las lobas", selected for the Summer Campus of the Film Academy.


Coke Arijo's "La hora escrita" (The Written Hour)

  • The proposal in one sentenceThe cruelty of a war-related population exodus": "The cruelty of a war-related population exodus".
  • To get to know each other betterCoke holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a master's degree in 3D Design from Animum Creativity Advanced School. For more than 15 years he has combined his work as a freelance audiovisual director with the creation of digital content, commercials and advertising campaigns for brands such as Uber, Airzone, Dunkin, Carrefour, Dani García, Décimas... His short films have been awarded and selected in many national and international festivals, mentored by professionals such as Paco Cabezas, Inés Nofuentes or Jorge Laplace. Their latest work, "Mi Condición", starring Jaime Ordóñez and Noemí Ruiz, available on Filmin, has been selected at more than 50 festivals and has won more than twenty awards. The short films "Milímetros" and "La hora escrita" are his next projects as a director, while he is developing the feature-length documentary "Los tres escalones".


"La semilla de Rider", by Iván Fernández de Córdoba

  • The proposal in one sentenceOne rainy night, under the lights of a city and a society educated to look the other way, a young home-delivery man was run over. Whose fault is it?"
  • To get to know each other betterIván studied graphic design, photography, audiovisual production, screenwriting at EICTV and film directing at Ciudad de la Luz. He is the screenwriter and director of the feature films "Cruzando el sentido" and "#Seguidores", as well as the short films "Un lugar" and "Quieto Billy", among others. Throughout his career, he has won more than 50 awards and 200 selections at national and international festivals, as well as nominations for the Goya Awards. In 2022 he received an award at the V Berlanga Awards. He is currently combining different audiovisual commissions with the pre-production of what will be his third fiction feature film.