⚖️ MASTER'S DEGREE IN JUSTICE This program takes place every Thursday on Radio 5, led by Manuela Carmena, in which social reality is addressed from a legal perspective. The program includes a contest with a weekly prize draw and a theatrical parody on related aspects.

Together with Carmena, and the lawyer Ana Noguerol, Fundación por la Justicia is part of this colloquium every week through the contributions of our president José Mª Tomás y Tío.

In the last program we address the issue of:


In this program Carmena reminds us that last week we had important news. The International Court of The Hague (highest court created by the United Nations) condemned, without any palliative, the act of aggression committed by Russia against Ukraine. Ordering to IMMEDIATELY suspend its military operations in Ukraine, giving a positive response to the precautionary measures that kyiv had requested.

It was approved by 13 positive votes to 2 negative: that of the Russian judge, curiously the vice president of the International Court of The Hague, and the Chinese judge.

News that filled us with HOPE. But the main media added "it will not help to stop the war." Which leaves us perplexed. If the court is not worth what it claims to be, what is it worth?

Rafael Altamira: "It is essential that there is always an intellectual and moral environment that pressures politicians so that the dreamed work meets its objectives."

All this and much more in the latest program.

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