Training aimed at the university community to strengthen the action capacities of students from the appropriation of the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, under a prism of gender transversality, interculturality and environmental sustainability.

  • Duration: 18h in virtual mode + 7h laboratory (*LAB exclusive for UJI students, with obtaining 1ECTS)
  • Dates: from November 14 to December 2
  • Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Interuniversity Training Course

Theoretical training with 18-hour e-learning modality oriented to the university community. The contents are aimed at facilitating training in human rights and social justice, covering the dynamics of economic, political, cultural and environmental interrelation at a global level, gender inequality and other forms of discrimination, as well as citizen participation and the exercise of global citizenship from an ethical point of view, through teaching staff from different Valencian universities and professionals who are experts in the field.

SESSION 1: Agenda 2030, Human Rights, Sustainable Development and the achievement of the SDGs

  • November 14
  • Maria Chiara Marullo (UJI)

SESSION 2: International Cooperation and Sustainable Development Goals

  • Nov. 16
  • Ana Sales (IIDL, UV)

SESSION 3: Location of the Agenda. The commitments and challenges in the Valencian Community

  • November 18th
  • José Vicente Sánchez (IIDL, UV)

SESSION 4: Progress and challenges for gender equality. gender gap identification workshop. SDG 5.

  • November 21
  • Mª José Barbé (UV)

SESSION 5: Reduction of inequalities. Interculturality, and the fight against racism and xenophobia. SDG 10.

  • November 23
  • Alba Heel (UV)

SESSION 6: Sustainable consumption and production models: the case of agriculture and food. OD2.S 1

  • November 25
  • Piero Carucci (CERAI, UPV, UV)

SESSION 7: How to build more sustainable and inclusive cities. Urban Agenda. SDG 11.

  • November 28
  • María José Ruá (UJI)

SESSION 8: Open government and open data for compliance with the SDGs. SDG 16.

  • November 30
  • Antonia Ferrer (UPV)

SESSION 9:Tools for developing an awareness campaign

  • December 2
  • Culturema

Laboratory space

Generation of a laboratory space in person mode 7 hours long aimed exclusively at UJI students, and mandatory to obtain the credit. The Lab space is aimed at exchanging ideas and developing proposed solutions to the challenges identified for achieving the SDGs, in order to design and execute an awareness campaign from the students themselves.

SESSION 10 and 11: Laboratory challenges and solutions, through an awareness campaign

  • Dates to be determined in the month of December
  • Culturema