The Human Fest Festival is open listening to citizens, its objective is not only to offer films about human rights created by professionals but also to ensure that the subjects of rights themselves have a space to speak in the first person. For this reason, every year it organizes a audiovisual creation workshop for activists in which they collectively create several short films in which they talk about the human rights they defend.

In these workshops, the production company La Cosecha accompanies a group of a maximum of 15 activists to create short films that are screened during the festival. In this edition, the workshop took place on April 19, 20 and 21 at the headquarters of the Foundation for Justice and we had various activists from neighborhood struggles in Neighborhood Associations such as the Nazaret neighborhood, Neighborhood Unions or Ateneus like Cabanyal or Ateneu X.

Also participating were radio and print media (Radio Malva, La Directa and Un Minuto Podcast), activists from organizations for the rights of migrants such as València Acull or the Intercultural Association of Home and Care Professionals, environmental activists and the defense of rural territories Entrepueblos, ACEM (Ecologists Manchuela, Cuenca and Albacete), independent biology and environmental professionals, with activists from the Volunteer Platform and several independent activists.