The INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ON FILM AND HUMAN RIGHTS "Humans Fest" is one of the main activities promoted by the  Foundation for Justice.

Launched in 2008 and 12 editions completedThe festival has achieved a balance between defending human rights and denouncing human rights violations around the world, while at the same time carrying out a series of activities with a social content, bringing audiovisual culture closer to both the general public and particularly vulnerable audiences.

The 13th edition of Humans Fest, to be held in June 2022will deepen this trajectory and the alliances already built to reinforce the spaces for cultural integration based on knowledge of the reality and active involvement in Valencian society.

Among its objectives are:

  • The promotion of culture, mainly through film and other visual and plastic arts, with the intention of reaching a wide audience and in particular the most vulnerable people, with special attention to the gender perspective and the diversity of the authors.
  • Pto critically reflect on the causes of global inequality to bring about changes in behavioural patterns and have an impact on societies in the South.
  • The promotion, dissemination and training on human rights and human rights violations.
  • Promotion of volunteering and participation of society as agents of development education.
  • Development of innovative initiatives and proposals in the field of development education. and social awareness promoting equality and empowerment of the most disadvantaged sectors.


  Humans Fest is part of the international network of Human Rights Film Festivals.