The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation decides to get involved with the festival for the second year, screening 29 films in 23 international venues

Argentina, Colombia, Honduras and Nicaragua are some of the countries that will participate


The Humans Fest (València International Film and Human Rights Festival), organized by Fundación por la Justicia, once again has the collaboration of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID). The agreement, for the second consecutive year, will consist of the projection of 29 films (8 features and 21 shorts) in 23 international venues, during the film series “A world in motion”. Argentina, Colombia, Honduras and Nicaragua are some of the countries that will participate. 

The film cycle “A world in motion”, proposed for 2024, focuses on the fight for rights of women and the LGTBIQ+ collective. Associated centers will be able to enjoy selected films from works shown during the XIV edition of Humans Fest and some films loaned during the XIII edition. Due to the agreement with the AECID, international screenings are carried out, with the main objective of the Foundation for Justice: promoting human rights. 

Ópalo, Kenya, Ezohikoak, The Man Without Guilt, Births, My Condition and The Silence of Soul, they will be some of the projections for 2024. Likewise, the festival selection has opted for the role of women in cinema, also in the technical field: 17 of the 29 films are directed by women. “Even though feminism has made enormous progress in the last century, gender equality is still in dispute in our society,” says Majo Siscar, director of the Humans Fest. Also, he pointed out that choosing cinema as a form of protest was the result of its ability to tell stories and create emotions.

Argentina (Cultural Centers of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario), Honduras, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Chile, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea (Bata and Malabo), Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Miami, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador will be the stipulated venues, which will be able to screen throughout this year, the films that the festival has transferred to the agency. 

The AECID began collaborating with Humans Fest last year. The AECID Film Archive, founded by Lola Millas, has been considered a support tool for screenings abroad. Its founder had the objective of sharing the commitment to cinema, its culture and knowledge throughout the world. Every year it develops cultural actions highlighting a certain social commitment. Humans Fest decided to take part in the social work of AECID, collaborating with the transfer of some of the films shown at its festivals.

About Humans Fest 

Human Fest is one of the main projects promoted by Fundación por la Justicia, which started it in 2008. This 2024, the 15th edition of the festival will be held, dedicated to the fight against climate change and the defense of the territory. It is committed to a fighting and vindictive cinema, which focuses on the transformation, struggles and resistance against climate change. Finally, the traditions of the city of Valencia stand out, promoting the defense of the territory.