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XV edition

Mohamed Sleiman Labat.

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Mohamed Sleiman Labat is a Sahrawi multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, writer and translator. Born and raised in the Sahrawi refugee camps of southwestern Algeria. He is the founder and current director of Motif Art Studio; a small art space built entirely from materials discarded after the destructive floods that hit the Tindouf refugee camps in 2015. 

Analyzes the political, social and environmental problems that affect your community. His art is based on the past and present life of the Sahrawi people. She has been exploring these interconnected themes through different artistic practices including film, writing, and community art. Mohamed has exhibited internationally and has received multiple awards, scholarships and residencies. 

Ramzi Maqdisi.

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Born in Jerusalem (Palestine), Ramzi Maqdisi studied Performing Arts and Cinematographic Direction at the Center for Cinematographic Studies of Catalonia (CECC). He works as a director in both documentaries and fiction, and as an actor in theater and film.

Among the documentaries he has made are Darrere el mur, Bajo el cielo, Naked Dreams and Sin Oxígeno. Among his fiction projects are Mirage, Year of Losses, The Red Beach and Solomon's Stone.

As a film actor he has worked in the following films: The Attack by Ziad Doueri, Omar by Hany Abu Assad, Writing on Snow by Rashid Masharawi, Ghost Hunting by Raed Andoni, Jeu de l'Homme by Aurélien Lambert, Solomon's stone by Ramzi Maqdisi, The Last Journeyby Juan Meseguer, Another Point of View by Bilal Alkateeb, Pour la Cause by Hassan Benjelloun, the translator of Rana Kazkaz.

His professional career as a theater actor began at the Palestinian National Theater (PNT 2000-2005). His works with the PNT include Searching for HandalahJidariyya by Mahmoud Darwish and Martin Luther King.

Ramzi has worked internationally with theaters such as the Ivo Theater (London), The Nordic Black Theater (Oslo) and La Invenció Teatre (Barcelona). He has directed works in Jerusalem (Sleeping Beauty Insomnia, with Quds Art and PNT) and in Barcelona (Maduresa, with Quds Art), and his work as a playwright has been staged at Northern Stage (Here is the News from Over There) and in Ensemble 52 (Aviatrix).


Mohammed Shat.

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Mohammed Shat is a dedicated film producer and communications director of the Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival. She has worked for the past five years to organize and raise funds for this Gaza-based festival and support its mission of highlighting human rights through the lens of film. Working alongside talented Gaza filmmakers, he has developed numerous projects aimed at bridging cultural gaps between Palestinians and audiences in Europe and the United States. These initiatives not only aim to showcase Palestinian narratives but also empower young people to use film as a powerful advocacy tool within their communities. It strives to provide a platform where young filmmakers can express their stories and drive meaningful social change.

Asria Mohamed Taleb.

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Radio journalist and Sahrawi activist who fights for human rights. He studied Journalism and Communication at the Alarbi ben Mheidy University in Algeria. For years she has worked at the Sahrawi National Radio and Television as a presenter and host of radio programs. Currently, she works as a dialogue speaker at Doctors Without Borders. 


Lucía Lobato Sobradillo

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Born in Laguna de Duero, Valladolid, she graduated in Audiovisual Communication in her city and specialized in Photography Direction at ECAM. He is currently dedicated to directing photography in short films such as Sacrament by Ismael Sepúlveda and Ariane Hoyos, The long teeth by Lucía Zamora or bum Bum by Karu Borge. She also works on film shoots, specializing in camera equipment as a focus puller and camera assistant. Another of his passions is directing, with two short films Maybe tomorrow (2021) and Trigues Tistres (2023). He has acting participations in feature films Looking for the movie: Summer 2020 and Gallo Rojo (2024) by Enrique García-Vázquez. Co-founder of the Valladolid production company Moraleja Films along with her colleagues Sofia Corral, Karu Borge and Enrique García-Vázquez.



Enrique García Vázquez.

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Director, screenwriter and producer. At only 23 years old, he presents his first feature film Looking for the Movie (summer 2010).  He defends making films from his own land and from the perspective of his generation, since it focuses on what young people think. He characterizes cinema as a team art, which is why he created his own production company Moraleja Films in Valladolid. 

Antonio Vercher.

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Since 2006 he has been the Chamber Prosecutor of the Supreme Court and Coordinator of Environment and Urban Planning. He has written seven books including his latest work Environmental crime and companies, which shows the integral relationship that exists between a company and the environment. 

Committed to defending the environment since 2006, his work has been key to the creation of a network of environmental prosecutors spread throughout all the Autonomous Communities. This network has been key to the prosecution of ecological crimes for 20 years.

 Magda Badera. 

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Journalist and writer. She is co-founder and current director of La Marea. Graduate in Journalism from the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona). Has worked in The Vanguard and Public, and has been a collaborator in various media such as TV3, Catalunya Ràdio, El Periódico and La Sexta. 

Editor of Climàtica, the first magazine dedicated to global warming, recognized in 2020 with a special mention by the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia. In addition, she has obtained other awards such as the Prensa Mujer award (2017) and the Good Practices in Non-sexist Communication award from the Association of Women Journalists of Catalonia (2019).

 Meri Collazos. 

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Director, screenwriter and editor. Graduate in Audiovisual Communication. With more than 20 years of experience in the world of audiovisuals as a director, editor and scriptwriter. She was a Fulbright scholar in the USA where she completed a Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication and Media. There he discovered Digital Storytelling and media education. Her first work as a director RESPIRA MAMÀ premiered at DocsBarcelona 2024.