«Pau i Justicia» Award arises in order to recognize the career of a filmmaker, producer or manage film on Human Rights by the Foundation for Justice.
An award that focuses on work for Human Rights and Justice as a value and recognize the work, now more courageous than ever, those committed by them through the audiovisual. Candidates are characterized by the dedication of his professional life to raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals and light and give voice to groups to which their rights were violated systematically. A cinema committed to international cooperation, health, education, judicial system, prison system or advocacy.

In 2014 the prize went to the director Carles Bosch for his career in defense of human rights. Carles Bosch has directed reports and documentaries of events like the Gulf War, the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, and the Zapatista Revolution. He has directed documentaries now and has covered several wars for Television news of TV3 in Afghanistan, Iran, Chad, the Philippines, Mozambique, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, United States, Haiti, Nicaragua, Israel, etc., and other information in different countries European.

In 2002 he directed his first documentary film, «Balseros » from the films made ​​for television between 1994 and 1996. The film gets the same characters , five years later. He co-produced by Bausan filmsy Televisió de Catalunya , Rafters received some of the most important international awards ( including the Peabody Award , 2004 ) , and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2003. In 2006 he directed his second feature documentary, » Septembers» , with the participation of TVE and was awarded at festivals in Malaga , Miami, IDFA . In 2010 presents his third feature documentary in the San Sebastián International Film Festival . In 2010 presents his third feature documentary in the San Sebastián International Film Festival : «Bicycle , Spoon, Apple» would win the Goya award for best documentary in the same year.


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