cartel-2017The INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND FILM FESTIVAL is a project of Fundación por la Justicia, co-organised by Quatre Films, which offers an extensive, one-of-a-kind audiovisual space to raise awareness of human rights materials in the city of Valencia and in other venues internationally. It is a key cultural program for the latest international developments in documentary filmmaking, Human Rights, and the Millennium Development Objectives.

Its main goals include:

  • To foster critical reflection of inequality to promote change throughout the world with patterns of behavior that positively impact on Southern countries’society.
  • The promotion, formation and dispersement of human rights that decrease violations throughout the world
  • To encourage volunteerism and participation within the community as key aspects towards education for development.
  • The improvement of learning initiatives and ideas of innovative character with regards to education for development and social awareness promoting gender equality and the empowerment of the most disadvantaged sectors.
 logohrfnHumans Fest is part of the international network of Human Rights Film Festivals