At a public hospital in Managua, Nicaragua, an OBGYN Doctor struggles with her conscience as she contends with the harrowing implications of a new law that prevents the termination of any pregnancy, even when a woman’s life is at stake. As the Doctor and her colleagues navigate the fears of prosecution and whether to the use medical protocols that enable them to save lives, the drama of the deadly impact of this law emerges, illuminating the reality of prohibition against the backdrop of a political, religious and historically complex national identity.

Saturday, 12 th december 18.00 h.

USA, 2014


Alessandra Zeka

Holen Kahn

65 minutes


In Spanish with subtitles

Director, Producer, Cinematographer:

Alessandra Zeka

Director, Producer, Editor:

Holen Kahn

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Alessandra Zeka

alessandraSince founding Adrenaline Films in 1998, Alessandra Zeka has created a dynamic cinematic style wherein her subjects tell their stories compellingly and intimately. Her work often focuses on the lives of women and gender identity.

Holen Kahn

holenSince 1998 Holen has partnered with Adrenaline Films to produce and direct human rights based documentary films. Her work has been exhibited widely in festivals, galleries and broadcast in the U.S. and internationally.


  • Human Rights Watch Film Festival – Nueva York 2014
  • Human Rights Watch Film Festival – London 2015
  • International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival- Winner Vaclay Havel- Praga 2015- Republica Checa 2015.
  • XII Mostra de Documentarios sobre Derechos Humanos- Sintra, Portugal.
  • Watch DOCS – Varsovia, Polonia 2014
  • Docs DF 2014
  • AFI Latin America 2014